GIS Services

GIS Services, which include Cartographic Modeling, Geo-referencing, Geo-coding, Customized GIS web application development, bring the power of GIS to your business. Build and reinforce infrastructure designs like never before.

Recognizing the fact that over 80% of governmental information has a spatial component and provision of such information can be significantly enhanced and facilitated by using geo-spatial and Internet technologies, the implementation of an Enterprise GIS coupled web-based applications is a key strategy of the GIS Center.

We can configure a client’s location intelligence solution so it best matches business goals while strengthening a client’s ability to respond quickly to new opportunities and meet growing demands. Elogic employs the latest methodologies based on past success to help organizations create a managed environment of information.

The core of any GIS technology solution is the geo-database. Our data services team has extensive experience in converting existing data to spatial data that meets the defined GIS business goals, using appropriate data conversion, migration and QA tools. We can create and organize Geo-databases and work with users to ingest these database services into seamless geo-metadata that can form the back-bone of GIS solutions of any organization.


Elogic has designed databases, software and systems based on robust business process modeling, requirements analysis and UML modeling techniques. The key aspect of our design services are developed to ensure an intimate tie to possible future spatial database and software.


Development incorporates database development, data conversion, as well as software engineering. Testing, quality assurance and certification are key components of the development phase. Implementation – Database, software and systems implementation and deployment services are provided as a key component.

Maintenance & Support

Once implemented, on-going maintenance and support are critical aspects for ensuring the production system is successful. This may include establishment of training and support programs and a help desk. These services ensure long-term success and help transition intellectual and physical ownership of the system to the client.

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Enterprise Logic

Our solutions are based on a decade’s worth of hands-on experience, providing ICT services to large organizations and government bodies. Enterprise Logic aims to be an ICT company that solves the key business problems of organizations through time-efficient and cost-effective approaches.