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We maintain powerful applications developed by honing years of experience in data security and monitoring IT & Telecom traffic. The solution has been built with deep-rooted requirements of Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies for assistance in intelligence gathering, complex analysis, criminal investigations and counter terrorism.


Protect your critical and secret data from attackers, hackers and sabotage

We have indigenously developed a data encryption solution which can be used to protect any kind of data stored or archived on any platform. Our carefully designed algorithms and crypto secure random number generators ensure that your data has maximum security round the clock.

  • Hybrid Algorithms (Block & PKE Ciphers)
  • Customized Software Based Implementation.
  • Additional Padding & Expansion Patterns (Size Limits)
  • Multiple Encryption Support.
  • Key Sharing via Public Key Encryption.
  • Crypto Secure Random Number Generation.
  • Customized Encryption Schemes.
  • Minor overhead over standard AES Impl.


A complete solution for online tracking and positioning of individual targets as well as offline positioning of mass level and historical location data retention and analysis covering all the GSM operators.

The system is designed for Law enforcement agencies to carry out critical surveillance operations and Intel gathering.


Targeted gathering of information from several social media platforms and deriving helpful insight that is critical to decision making.

Social media surveillance capability for Law enforcement agencies to detect disinformation campaigns and subversive tactics employed by anti state social media handlers.


GSM based vehicle tracking solution for all size of enterprises, which allows for easy track of vehicle fleet in a real time. The system offers various reports for administration to manage and monitor the fleet. Solution is compatible with multiple types of commonly and customized trackers available in market.


A mobile application developed specifically for SMEs where the business owner can easily record all transactions through user friendly interface. This application provides the facility for users to maintain vendor and supplier accounts while doing the sales and purchase of different items and its stock level.


KPI driven geo spatial solution with dashboards, maps and analytical views meant for decision makers and top management. The system paints consolidated picture using operational data of the enterprise, aiding swift and timely decision making and accurate analysis. The system eliminates the complexity of using traditional BI tools at large.


EL-Con is a video conferencing app, in which you can perform single/group call. You can record your calls and view the recordings after ending the call.

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Enterprise Logic

Our solutions are based on a decade’s worth of hands-on experience, providing ICT services to large organizations and government bodies. Enterprise Logic aims to be an ICT company that solves the key business problems of organizations through time-efficient and cost-effective approaches.